The life we live…

Life is a very complicated and oh so fragile thing…

Living is one of the main characteristics of life that people tend to take for granted… How many people are actually thankful for getting up each morning?

I feel it is something we must all remember to be thankful for, because somewhere in the world someone died today and someone lost a son / daughter, Mother /Father, Brother/Sister and so the list goes on.

Life can be scary sometimes, especially since no one knows when their last day will be. Yes you can live wildly and live every day as if its your last one, but then the question is…

HOW will you be remembered?

Some people say: “Live life like you will never die.”

And others say: “Live every day as if it is your last.”

Both accounts are correct I suppose, because we must enjoy life, but we must  also know our limits.

Life is also a beautiful thing. It gives us so much, yet we are sometimes oblivious to the small things… Like flowers and trees that provide us with fresh air and food. Animals that provide us with joy and also food… Water that, well, we all know that one…

Life also gives us family and friends…

If you wake up the next morning, well, that’s beautiful…

If you can go somewhere where you can be surrounded by nature, well, that is something I feel everyone needs every once in a while, because nature has a natural soothing and healing ability…

Life gave us music…

Life gives us love…

Life gives and gives, but in the end it also takes…

Yet we forget to be grateful for our borrowed time, after all, we know our time will end from the beginning…

Life gives us people, not one the same… People who can be so fragile sometimes… You have to watch what you say around some and can say what you want around others… You can act one way in front of this one, but may not in front of that one…

Oh, how people can confuse… And then there is the ever present politics… It is present in sports, in art even in schools…

Politics is one of the leading causes of a corrupt and confused world.

People tend to say that you make your own life difficult, but that’s not always true. Other people and certain circumstances can do that just as well…

Each one of us have most probably made someone else’s life difficult for them without even realizing or not even caring.

Life can be cruel and people is the cause there of…

Take a look at religion… A lot of people cringe at the subject and others stand with there teeth barred, ready to pounce…

But the truth is, every person on the face of this earth IS DIFFERENT to the next, and thus, they see the world and religion, each in a special way… Even if you belong to the same church, you understand what is preached a little bit different to the next person, so why FORCE your religion on the next person…

Does any one have HARD FACTS and HARD PROOF that their religion is THE ONE?

Well, news flash, every person thinks their religion is THE ONE, even the atheists…

People should just take a step back, relax, and live their own lives and leave others to do the same…

And yes, some rules are just plain STUPID, but 99 percent  of rules that are made, are to keep us safe…

Oh, this life we live… I can go on and on and on for hours about whats wrong ins society and what is right and what what, but to each his or her own… People just have to learn to respect each other, themselves and the world around them… Just  ask yourself before you do something big: “Will this affect someone else negatively?”  “Is it worth it?” “Is what I am doing going to make me a better or worse person?”

Life life life… Such an interesting thing…

Just respect it and yourself and who knows, you might just live a life that will leave people smiling and saying things like: “He/she was a good person.” “If only I was half the man/woman he/she was.”


Well, that’s my perspective any way…





Awkward Kid…

via Daily Prompt: Awkward

As a kid I went here and there

Never had a moment to spare

Always busy with that and this

Nothing my little eyes did miss


To do was well enough

Outside I was oh so tough

But came another, one too many

Words would vanish I didn’t have any


One might work and two maybe

I still however replied them lamely

Friends I had, though scarce and few

I always liked to meet someone new


But if you’re scary or just too hairy

I would wish for a nice little fairy

Where you tall and good looking

oh my face would just start cooking


Stand over there and sneer my way

You just added to an awkward day

Sometimes my voice don’t carry all that well

So you talking me dead creates a little hell


How many times I did fall

Flat on my face, what a ball

I see you laughing in your sleeve

Why can you just not leave


Small I am and grown you are

You plant my feet deep in tar

You cut me off wherever you can

My views to you seems a ban


This world for children made is not

The topic gets oh so very hot

You and I are both to blame

For the awkwardness to my name…








You are infected…

via Daily Prompt: Infect


We are all infected… But with what and by whom?

On a daily basis we come into contact with hundreds of people and hundreds of items touched by hundreds of people, so it is only natural that we are all infected…


There are two types of infection as I see it…

The one is emotional and the other physical.

Mental infection usually comes mostly from people we know…


It can be good or bad infections…


Good can be habits, like not consuming sugar of caffeine, because you read it can be unhealthy for you or because a friend got some illness that is provoked or worsened by it…

Or it can be the way you pronounce certain words or little things you say because a friend says it that way or uses that phrase.

It can even be a walk you take every day to see a specific someone or going to a gym because your best friend goes there too…

It can be the way you treat people compassionately and lovingly because you have brought up that way or because the way you were treated made you decide to treat people that way…

And bad mental infections can come from watching a movie with very graphic, lasting and gruesome scenes.

Or a drama that made you cry…

It can come from an accident that you had or seeing someone else in an accident…

It can come from abuse, not just verbal, but physical abuse can both infect you mentally…


Physical infection can come from many things and in so many forms and truth be told… We don’t even always realize it…


We do not realize that that 10 dollar bill I just got from the cashier has bacteria on it nor do we know what kind of bacteria…

We do not realize that the air surrounding the guy coughing behind us in the bus spreads… For example… How many times have you sprayed perfume at home and have a sibling or spouse from another room also smell it?

Well, it’s the same idea, only difference is that we do not smell a cough… Or rather, mostly we do not smell someone coughing…

How do you take your shoes off when you get home? DO you touch the sole?

If yes, just think back to the places you walked… Is it possible that a stray dog might have walked and ‘leaked’ there or even rats or birds? Hmmmmm… Makes you think doesn’t it?

How about that pen you write with?

Have you given it to clients to write with? Or colleagues?

If yes, how do you know that the person using your pen last didn’t have some or other illness?

And are you one of those people who nibble on the back of your pen or pencil when deep in thought?


How about that seat you are sitting in at the doctors office or any other waiting area… But specifically at the doctor…

What illness did the last person who sat there have???

Maybe… The FLU?

Or… Influenza… OR TB!!!

We don’t realize how many different bacteria we have dancing around on our skin or in our veins…

I guess some people know a little too well and tend to over do the whole cleansing thing…

Or maybe this post will cause you to do just that…

Maybe my post might even INFECT YOU!!! Mentally of course.

Fact is… We do not know… But it does make you think… How are you infected?

And when? By who or what? WITH WHAT?!


That’s my perspective in any case…




Every day we worry about one thing or the other.
We get anxious as life can smother
We feel uneasy here and there, distressed
with all the others, with all the rest.
We get upset with him or her
we upset ourselves and make life a blur
We concern ourselves with things not ours
So we feel unhappy for countless hours
We feel agonized by past present and future
A hurt that can’t be fixed by a suture
We cause anguish and sorrow
And will be worse off tomorrow
We sigh, pine, brood and mope
We kill off our own hope
So we make a fuss, complain and grumble
We so often forget how to be humble
We whine and yet we understand not
To FRET gets you no where
It puts you on the spot
Do not FRET, you are already there

Living with Anxiety

I feel it is one of the worst things anyone CAN live with.

It tires you out mentally and physically and it sometimes just about drives you INSANE!

I was diagnosed with anxiety about 4 years ago and I only now decided to hell with it…

About three months ago I decided I am going off my meds… It was possibly the best decision I could make.

Then the real struggle started… Now I have to teach my body and my mind that it does not need meds to stay calm… And believe you me, they don’t always want to listen… Well, actually they basically NEVER want to listen…

Now for those of you who do not know what anxiety is, well, I can tell you this… IT IS HORRIBLE!!!

The one thing about anxiety is that you don’t show any outward systems, unless you are actually having an anxiety attack, in which case you might look pale, sound short of breath and you might have the shivers…

Having anxiety means not having much of a life…

At a certain point you might be constantly anxious, which believe you me, is NOT COOL!!!

At this point you might even feel like you are in a way disconnected from reality, because you are so sleepy from your body constantly being in a fight or flight mode and from producing all that adrenaline that your focus is just not what it is supposed to be.

And an interesting fact about adrenaline, if you don’t use it, it might be put over into fat… Meaning that you will gain weight…

Or, if you are lucky, you might be so anxious that your stomach clenches and you get nauseous, so much so that you lose your appetite…

Another fun thing that might happen is that you get so anxious that your upper back and neck muscles go into a spasm for MONTHS

So, what does an anxiety attack feel like?

Well, every time it is different, but usually it will start out with cold chills up your spine and then that awe-full DREAD…

And well, then you basically feel like you are busy DYING!!! Quite literally… You common folk might think that I am just exaggerating, but do yourself a favor… Ask ANYONE with anxiety what an anxiety attack feels like, and I guarantee they will all tell you the same tale.

It is really NOT fun… When you are anxious your muscles tend to pull tight and the one muscle that tends to add to that anxiety is your upper chest muscles and the ones just below your breast bone, because when THEY pull tight while you are on your way to an anxiety attack, the first thing that pop into your mind is… OH MY G!!! I’M HAVING A HEART ATTACK!!!

Yeah, that happens…

Sometimes it is quite reassuring when you are lucky enough to have a sibling or parent who have suffered from anxiety as well ( BTW, you can get it genetically… At least that is what I was told by my doc), because then you can go to that person and ask them many MANY questions… Which is what I do/did.

I usually go to that person while I am having an anxiety attack and ask them things like:

  • Is it normal to feel like this or that
  • Is my heart rate abnormally high
  • Do I feel feverish

And why might you ask do we ask so many questions or go to the doc so often or surf the web (which is probably why YOU are reading this.), well the answer is simple…

It is one of the many steps we take to convince our self that it is still only anxiety and not some bigger problem, like heart disease, lung disease, cancer, or what ever else our delirious minds make up.

So how do you get over it?

With a LOT of DAMN HARD WORK, that’s how…

I’m still busy with that journey as we speak… Well as I am typing this….

Methods differ from person to person, you just have to figure out what works for you.

For me, this helped:

No one can help you better than you can help yourself.

Like I said earlier, Anxiety is not a physical problem, its a mental problem. So you just have to get your mind set right. Get yourself out of your mind. Try to get our of that flight or fight mode. If a bad or anxious thought comes across your mind eye, allow don’t be frightened by it, its only your subconscious mind that picked up something or a feeling that reminds you of anxiety… Sorry if that does not make a lot of sense.

What I’m trying t get at, is that you should not allow your subconscious to bully you. YOU are your own master, so master yourself.

Allow those thought to cross your mind, but don’t allow them to stay.

It’s hard, really hard, but you can do it.

Here are a few things that helps:

  • Meditation
  • Relaxing Music
  • Lavender (Has a natural calming effect)
  • Laughter
  • Sleep(not too much though, but make sure you get enough)
  • A healthy diet
  • Exercise (A nice walk along the beach or nature in general helps to get your mind off things)
  • Do something YOU like (e.g. Painting, drawing, fishing)

Things that tend to worsen it:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Retreating into yourself
  • Stress

So, yeah, to every body who has a friend or partner suffering from anxiety, to you I say, it might not be a physical illness, but to us it feels DAMN REAL!

And to those of you who do have anxiety I say, just keep swimming… Your story goes on. And remember, you are NOT alone.

And feel free to contact me, I’m not a professional, but I’m always glad to help where I can. ❤

I hope I could help at least one or two brothers or sisters out there…

Well, that’s my perspective anyway…


On the current ZA situation…

So, I have a couple of questions…

What are you guys up to?

Do you even realize what is happening?

Do you realize that Malema is not even South African?

How many of you guys were actually there during apartheid?

How many of the people currently fighting for all that land is originally from South Africa?

What is the current white people living in South Africa doing to you?

What good has come from all of this?

You have burnt down countless historic pieces of art.

You have destroyed families.

You have broken down a once beautiful and thriving country.

What good have you done for this land you are fighting for?

What will be left once you are done?

You take all this land, but do you know how to make them grow?

Do you know how to make profit from it?

Are you really so desperate to get rid of the white population in South Africa and all they stand and stood for and all they have done that you are willing to sacrifice everything?

Well… I will say this…

Not all of that land belongs to you.

How much of South Africa did you occupy before the white people came there?

I can guarantee you that it was definitely not all the land that you are now so greedily ripping away from farmers whose families have owned said land for many generations.

Instead of taking away things that is not even yours to begin with, why can you not just take what you currently have and work your way up to what you want like normal people do?

Why would you allow yourself to be bullied into these things by a group of whom several members are not even South African?

That is just down right stupid.

How many of your locals agree with what you are doing?

How many of you voted for your current ruling party because your parents voted for them?

Can you truly not realize the damage you are causing not only to your country, but to your future?

Do you not hear the protest from the other countries?

What do you think will happen should all the white farmers give in and just give you their land?

What do you think will happen if the rest of the world acknowledges your racism and all white people from all over decide to just leave ZA to the black majority?

How many of the goods in your country is truly South African?

How many of those goods can you, with your own hands manufacture and say on a definite note that you can keep on going without other input from the whites?

Where will YOUR country be in a couple of years?

Do you realize what the white people brought in to your lives all those many years ago?

Want a small list of what you did not have?

  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Coffee
  • Infrastructure
  • Trade

Where would you be today had the white people not stumbled upon you?

Do you like being primitive?

Do you like being under developed?

Maybe you should just be left alone?

Maybe every one should just leave you be?

Would that finally satisfy your blood lust?

Would that satisfy the injustice done to you?

Would that turn back the clock and make right all that was done to the true South African’s forefathers?

Would that make apartheid disappear from the history books?

NO… It will not

You are busy creating an even bigger injustice…

When they came to your land, they did terrible things to you as well, some of your forefathers lost their lives too, but an end was put to it.

So what makes you think that you can get away with genocide when they could not?


So WHY are you doing this?

WHAT would you like to achieve?

WHAT is your GOAL?


I do not know who this post will reach and I doubt it will have an impact…

But I am sure some people will agree here and there…

Either way…

This is my perspective.