On the current ZA situation…

So, I have a couple of questions…

What are you guys up to?

Do you even realize what is happening?

Do you realize that Malema is not even South African?

How many of you guys were actually there during apartheid?

How many of the people currently fighting for all that land is originally from South Africa?

What is the current white people living in South Africa doing to you?

What good has come from all of this?

You have burnt down countless historic pieces of art.

You have destroyed families.

You have broken down a once beautiful and thriving country.

What good have you done for this land you are fighting for?

What will be left once you are done?

You take all this land, but do you know how to make them grow?

Do you know how to make profit from it?

Are you really so desperate to get rid of the white population in South Africa and all they stand and stood for and all they have done that you are willing to sacrifice everything?

Well… I will say this…

Not all of that land belongs to you.

How much of South Africa did you occupy before the white people came there?

I can guarantee you that it was definitely not all the land that you are now so greedily ripping away from farmers whose families have owned said land for many generations.

Instead of taking away things that is not even yours to begin with, why can you not just take what you currently have and work your way up to what you want like normal people do?

Why would you allow yourself to be bullied into these things by a group of whom several members are not even South African?

That is just down right stupid.

How many of your locals agree with what you are doing?

How many of you voted for your current ruling party because your parents voted for them?

Can you truly not realize the damage you are causing not only to your country, but to your future?

Do you not hear the protest from the other countries?

What do you think will happen should all the white farmers give in and just give you their land?

What do you think will happen if the rest of the world acknowledges your racism and all white people from all over decide to just leave ZA to the black majority?

How many of the goods in your country is truly South African?

How many of those goods can you, with your own hands manufacture and say on a definite note that you can keep on going without other input from the whites?

Where will YOUR country be in a couple of years?

Do you realize what the white people brought in to your lives all those many years ago?

Want a small list of what you did not have?

  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Coffee
  • Infrastructure
  • Trade

Where would you be today had the white people not stumbled upon you?

Do you like being primitive?

Do you like being under developed?

Maybe you should just be left alone?

Maybe every one should just leave you be?

Would that finally satisfy your blood lust?

Would that satisfy the injustice done to you?

Would that turn back the clock and make right all that was done to the true South African’s forefathers?

Would that make apartheid disappear from the history books?

NO… It will not

You are busy creating an even bigger injustice…

When they came to your land, they did terrible things to you as well, some of your forefathers lost their lives too, but an end was put to it.

So what makes you think that you can get away with genocide when they could not?


So WHY are you doing this?

WHAT would you like to achieve?

WHAT is your GOAL?


I do not know who this post will reach and I doubt it will have an impact…

But I am sure some people will agree here and there…

Either way…

This is my perspective.





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