Awkward Kid…

via Daily Prompt: Awkward

As a kid I went here and there

Never had a moment to spare

Always busy with that and this

Nothing my little eyes did miss


To do was well enough

Outside I was oh so tough

But came another, one too many

Words would vanish I didn’t have any


One might work and two maybe

I still however replied them lamely

Friends I had, though scarce and few

I always liked to meet someone new


But if you’re scary or just too hairy

I would wish for a nice little fairy

Where you tall and good looking

oh my face would just start cooking


Stand over there and sneer my way

You just added to an awkward day

Sometimes my voice don’t carry all that well

So you talking me dead creates a little hell


How many times I did fall

Flat on my face, what a ball

I see you laughing in your sleeve

Why can you just not leave


Small I am and grown you are

You plant my feet deep in tar

You cut me off wherever you can

My views to you seems a ban


This world for children made is not

The topic gets oh so very hot

You and I are both to blame

For the awkwardness to my name…








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